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What People Say...

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I worked with Dennis for over 25 years at Alaska Airlines. Dennis brings positive energy to every speaking opportunity whether he is instructing, in a leadership position or part of a project team  The times I have seen him speak he inspired his audiences using humor to keep the audience engaged. He always left us with a useful nugget, saying or metaphor we could use in our own leadership positions.


-John Hornibrook , VP of Flight Operations at Horizon Air

Mr. Mellen advised students to use their telescope to find their North Star...

Then use their microscope to find their way.

-Jacobs High School Social Studies

Dennis is a notable, and quite successful, junior varsity high school baseball coach. He volunteers his time during the year and spends countless hours  raising money for the baseball program to help defer any yearly costs they need to cover (he has raised well over $120,000 in his tenure as a coach). His positive leadership style is contagious and his influence on the other  staff coaches is evident. A wonderful person and a fantastic leader, Dennis  is someone who has influenced me both personally and professionally.

-Jason Schumaker, Vice President, Enterprise Sales at Ceridian

Kenya Airways Instructor Pilot on Basic Check Airman 3 day training:

"Very Educational, well laid out, to the point."

-Captain Anthony Mwaburri

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