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One of the most IMPORTANT pieces of leadership business owners do not develop enough, if at all, is their culture. The culture of the company is the very 1 thing that will lead to their success and you develop this through Positive Leadership.
 Positive Leadership is so much more than meeting your's DOUBLING those goals!
Positive Leadership is about the CULTURE of your company. 
The environment that is created for your employees and clients that lead to crushing goals. 

When you attend a Positive Leadership Training,  
you will get PROVEN & ACTIONABLE Steps to...​
  • Retain Your Talent
  • Develop Your Team
  • Increase Employee Engagement
This training presented by Certified Power of Positive Leadership Coach, Dennis Mellen includes interactive training material from Jon Gordon with actionable steps using Positive Leadership that create those unshakable cultures. Dennis shares his unique experiences and strategies, making this training imperative for you and your business. 
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