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Be a bean, transform your team from water into gourmet coffee.

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Is it time to sharpen your leadership tools or get some new tools? Have you heard the Stephen Covey story of the man chopping a tree down in the forest? It goes something like this: Seems a man was walking in the forest when he came upon a man chopping a tree down and the conversation goes this: “Hey dar, what cha doing?” “Why I’m chopping this tree down.” “How’s that going?” “Well, kinda tough, I been chopping for about 4 hours.” “Why don’t you sharpen the axe?” "Can’t, ain’t got no time.” How many of you are stuck in this predicament with ongoing leadership development? Can’t do it because you don’t have the time, but you know you need to take the time. Is it time to sharpen the axe? Is it time to add to your leadership skills with a workshop? A Jon Gordon certified Power of Positive Leadership workshop will fill that need. Signup at EventBrite Power of Positive Leadership Virtual Workshop Jun 17-18, 2020 using this link. Remember, it's the coffee bean which changes plain water into gourmet coffee. Be A Bean and positively change your team one person at a time. Checkout for contacts or a consultation.

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