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Leadership Training

Connecting Culture to the Vision

Inspiring Change Within the Workplace

As a Positive Leadership Trainer & Consultant, Dennis Mellen helps CEO’s and other leaders transform their organization’s culture by teaching proven strategies that are centered around positivity, ultimately increasing employee engagement, allowing for stronger connections & commitments, and improving their team’s overall performance.


Dennis aims to deliver education, inspiration, and entertainment, making every 1:1 conversation or event a memorable & impactful experience.

When you sign-up for 1:1 Coaching or attend a Team Training, you'll learn...

  • How to improve the communication between you and your team for more effective results

  • How to build stronger connections that creates a higher-level of trust within your organization 

  • How to motivate your employees that inspires hard-work & dedication to your company's goals

  • How to care for your team in a way that speaks to their needs & promotes individual development

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Are you ready to take your team to the next level?

Connect Your Company's Culture to Your Vision - Contact Dennis today for 1:1 coaching or team training. 

Learn more about Dennis's journey in his latest book, Takes More Than Heart.

Positive Leadership takes heart. It also takes courage, perspective, and a steadfast mind. 

What People Are Saying About Dennis...

"I worked with Dennis for over 25 years at Alaska Airlines. Dennis brings positive energy to every speaking opportunity whether he is instructing, in a leadership position or part of a project team  The times I have seen him speak he inspired his audiences using humor to keep the audience engaged. He always left us with a useful nugget, saying or metaphor we could use in our own leadership positions." 

-John Hornibrook , Vice President of Flight Operations at Horizon Air

"His positive leadership style is contagious and his influence on the other  staff coaches is evident. A wonderful person and a fantastic leader." 

-Jason Schumaker, Vice President Enterprise Sales at Ceridian

"What I love most in this book is that Mr. Mellen didn't give up on himself; instead, he focused on "What's Important Next" (WIN). Furthermore, he makes us understand that events and obstacles are sure to come by, but we have to learn to turn them into opportunities."

-Chigo Nwagboso

"I have read many business, self-help and memoir books. Takes More Than Heart has so many useful leadership lessons and entertaining stories that you will be asking for more at the end. "

-Thomas Kemp, Vice President Flight Operations (ret.) Alaska Airlines

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